Discover the “Secret” Program that Can Propel Your College Experience

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Published on February 3, 2017

The Family Economic Security Program (FESP) is a holistic approach to helping students attain the skills, advisement, and opportunities they need to achieve their goals on and off campus. Specializing in providing assistance to students from low-income households, FESP advisors can help design plans for success that cover everything from tutoring to balancing a checkbook.

Daniela Squizzato, an achievement coach for FESP, believes there are many HCC students who likely qualify for and would benefit from the program but simply don’t know about it.  

“We tried emailing students and professors but it’s still a challenge getting the word out about the program. Most people think this program is for students who are failing, which isn’t the case,” Squizzato said.

Comprised of a staff of eight, and directed by Alese Mulvehill, FESP helps with internships, resume writing, and even gives scholarships. Though it is not advertised as a scholarship program, several qualifying students have gotten up to $750 to help with the daily costs of balancing school with off-campus life.  FESP also organizes group interactions for members in the form of retreats.

Naomi Gomez is a participant in the FESP program and has utilized the tools they offer. “FESP has taught me how to set up a budget, and has helped to strengthen my savings skills, which is very important in having financial stability,” she said.

There are procedures and qualifications that need to be met in order to be part of FESP. The student must attend a standard interview with one of the FESP staff members and must carry a 2.0 GPA or higher with a completion of nine credits. If applying for a FESP scholarship, a FAFSA report will required.

The advisors can be found in Room 334 in Beacon Hall. Office hours are listed on the door, along with a folder full of applications for the program.

Kaelin Baugh, Eric Vazquez, Iesha Brown, Carl Simpson, Nhathalie Jean-Baptiste, and Katherine Selander all contributed to this story.