Semester Kicks Off with Motivational Monday

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Published on February 3, 2017

New year, new motivation; the Student Senate has brought the HCC population a brand new way to fight the lack of motivation that comes with the new semester.

Motivational Monday is a new program that utilizes visual stimulation and creativity to ease the mind and motivate students to do their best to meet their goals.

Medgine Bright,  Assistant Director of Student Activities, organized the event in BH315

This event ran from 12:30-3:30 p.m. on Monday, January 23, and with a good turnout, many students stopped by to use this creative outlet to motivate themselves for the spring semester.

Students were invited to create visual posters of the personal goals they want to reach this semester using an artistic approach.

This is to help students cope with the stress and lack of motivation we may face in the beginning of the spring semester.

“A lot of students have stopped by so far,” Bright said. “We’re considering bringing the event back next year after such a great turn out.”

Bright encouraged the students to use this event for their own personal gain and motivation.

Magazines spread across the long table were full of pictures and articles for students to cut out and paste onto a poster board.

“We’re cutting out anything that reminds us of the goals we have set for ourselves,” Bright said. “It’s for you and you only, for your own personal goals and achievements.”

These vision boards are a daily reminder for students in their everyday life of what they wish to achieve.

With this new, imaginative way to stay on top of your personal goals, some HCC students may have never been so motivated for the start of a new semester.

Isabelle Brown, Leah Chaparro, Ethan Goodrich, and Chelsea Vogel contributed to this article.