It’s The Most Flaunted Time Of The Year

Written by
Published on December 8, 2018

From a family photo to Facebook featured frenzies
Concise cozy conferences, conform to contorted captions
Meaningful moments, now molded into meager messages
Endings altered to timestamped posts, not the printed kind

You might want to divert your attention to Grandma before she gets run over by a reindeer one day. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly, but what does that actually mean ? This merry month is not just about rockin around a festive snapchat filter, or posting Happy Holidays from as far as the North Pole. It’s not Christmas ‘til you come home, but what does it mean to be present ?

Well, it goes like this. Each year, more people are choosing a silent night over a winter wonderland with family. Last Christmas, while begrudgingly taking flauntful photos for Facebook,  I saw more missives than family members. In fact, the only person who came by was Santa, but even then he didn’t stop and say hello. This has to be the fourth or fifth time I’ve been underneath the tree by myself.  Talk about a blue Christmas.

Twelve days went by before I saw a handful of cousins who were only interested in their new phones instead of the plumped stockings hanging on the wall. As irritating as it was, nothing was more disturbing than the carol of the bells like ringtones my aunts had for each notification on their phone. I don’t mean to be a grinch, but the holiday season has gone stale like the fruit cake that endlessly gets gifted around.

On the contrary, it’s a swell time to take a sleigh ride down a mountain of memories with loved ones while generating new ones in the process. So shut down the devices and set up the Christmas lights around the household. But don’t forget to go out and ring jingle bells all the way down to Grandma’s house so loud that she’ll ask Grandpa “ Do you hear what I hear?” on a wonderful white Christmas Day.