Vinyls on the Wall

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Published on December 10, 2018

The feeling of tearing off the plastic film cover, pulling out a paper sleeve, and then grabbing a silky smooth, riveting vinyl record is unparalleled.

The only other feeling greater is placing that new vinyl on a turntable, dropping the needle, and hearing the first crackle fade into an euphoria of music.

Limited Edition Turquoise SZA Ctrl 2XLP vinyl. Photo by Emmanuel Soares.

Vinyls are making an amazing comeback and there’s no end in sight for this decades-old trend.In recent years, vinyls have been popping up everywhere from Walmart to Target, online stores like Amazon, and lifestyle stores like Urban Outfitters.2016 was the best year for vinyl record sales since 1988, selling millions, highlighting a new-wave of popularity for an aged music medium.

Vinyl Me, Please, another platform, is a vinyl-of-the-month club. Each month, a vinyl is selected as the “vinyl of the month” to be shipped out to members. If it’s not their taste, they can simply trade out for another. Vinyls vary from genres and ages of music, and they even have special editions that are exclusive only to them. Vinyl Me, Please also functions as an online vinyl shop, however limits its special editions to their club members.   

The vinyl culture even has a “celebration” twice a year for the a perfect time to grab vinyls as an existing fan or newcomer. This “celebration” is known as Record Store Day and is celebrated in April and on Black Friday across independently owned record store around the world.

April 20  marks the eleventh  annual Record Store Day, which was started back in 2008.   

Ionic music groups like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen have produced some of the popular vinyls that should be in every collection, but are just a sub-genre in the massive library of vinyls.   

Limited Edition Bumble-Bee Yellow Tyler, the Creator Flower Boy 2XLP vinyl. Photo by Emmanuel Soares.

Newer artists like Childish Gambino, Drake and  Kendrick Lamar have their entire discography available on vinyl.  

Even obscure groups like Cage the Elephant have made it onto vinyl, since it’s starting to becoming a industry standard for physicals next to CDs.    Em

Vinyls look amazing hung on the wall for those looking for a new, lively collection, or they fine stacked next to record players.

Vinyls are just simply a great trend and enjoyable hobby for any music lover to get behind.

There’s an indescribable sensation that’s given off of listening to music in a physical, tangible form, in our almost entirely digital world.