Passion Inspires

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Published on May 10, 2019

Teachers are often overlooked and under-appreciated. What goes by the wayside for the students is the passion that teachers have for the subject that they are teaching.

Most students just want to go to school and go home, and they don’t care about the subject. All they know is that “I need to do this, to get to that,” and they end up not paying attention to the lecture or the personalities of the teachers.

I was one of these students; the key word in there is WAS. My third semester here at HCC it all changed for me. I made the Dean’s List for the first time. In all my schooling before I never even made honors.

Yes, making the Dean’s List is an achievement of mine but I also give huge credit to my four professors I had for that semester. English 102 Professor Tracey Nashel, Western Civilization II Professor Paul Rogan, American Government Professor Matthew Dunne, and Publications Professor Steven Mark.

The Dean’s List was a goal that I didn’t even think about because I have never even come close to it. All these professors helped me achieve a goal I didn’t even know I had.

From sitting in these classes, listening and learning; these four professors all have something in common and that is passion. It’s as apparent as the blue sky on a sunny day, and it’s infectious.

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It all starts from the lectures and if you’re like me when you hear the word lecture your mind immediately wants to turn off. Not with these professors. As they speak you hear the passion they have for the subject. They are clear and thoughtful with directions and make learning fun and most of all interesting.

Professor Nashel’s literature knowledge and love for teaching is seen when you’re sitting at your desk listening to her speak about poetry and the books she has read, especially when she asks, “Do you guys love this like I do?”

Professor Rogan’s unbelievable library of knowledge about the subject of history is amazing to listen to. He uses Powerpoint in his class, but I am 100% positive he could teach us everything off the top of his head.

Professor Dunne’s American Government class was a class that changed my mind on politics as a whole with his pure passion for politics. I never really opened my mind to politics because I simply didn’t understand it. The way he explains and the way he teaches really helps you get a sense of how the government works. On the last day of our class he shared an eight-page paper he wrote and he read it aloud in class. We all listened and gave him a round of applause when he was done, to which he said, “You guys didn’t have to do that!” I think as a class we appreciated him sharing what he wrote with us and, again, his passion for the subject just poured out as he read.

Professor Mark is a key reason why my switch to become a Journalism major was one of the best decisiosn I have made in my adult life thus far. His passion for not only journalism and writing but his passion to educate comes through during the lectures. He is always there to help students and make the class a fun place to be while still working hard. I have written so many words and so many articles in this class, but I have enjoyed doing so all along.

With professors who have a passion for the subject they are teaching I don’t want to let them down. I want to succeed in their classes to prove to them that their passion is not taken for granted on my end.

I look back on my third semester at HCC as my crowning moment as a student and in life because that is where everything in my life finally lined up. It all made sense and to have these professors during this time was a huge assist that is more than just a grade on a paper.

Someone else’s or your own passion is not to be taken lightly. Think of your own passion and how much you care about it. It’s refreshing to see professors that have same fire. I think we all can agree that some teachers teach because it’s a job, but when you see the love and passion that other teachers have for their subjects, it is nothing but inspiring.