It’ll Make Sense Eventually

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Published on April 10, 2020

You’ve thought about it, haven’t YOU? Wondered if your neighbor, or teacher, or best friend had a secret life. 

They probably do. However, how they live their secret life is the real question. 

During this self-isolation period, I’ve gotten the chance to browse through my Netflix and find a watch-worthy show.

Now, granted, it takes a typical person up to three episodes to decide if the show is good or not. This show was different.

Joe (you’ll be saying his name  alot), is your regular, brown-haired, book-smart guy, who is just looking for “The One” and, as we all know, that mission can be a hard one.

He teaches YOU about how love should be intellectual, honest and to not let anything or anyone get in between YOU and your significant other.

When I first saw Joe appear on screen, I thought, “He looks familiar,” and I was right.

The author enjoying YOU. Photo courtesy of Lexi Underwood

Penn Badgley, or as most of YOU would know him, “Dan Humphrey” from Gossip Girl, has regained my heart with this new role and if you’re anything like me, if YOU recognize the actor, it’s possible, this is going to be a good show.

Just like anybody, Joe has his flaws, but it’s ok. He’s working on them. 

He teaches YOU that keeping your Instagram page private is a good thing, also to always be aware of your surroundings and that falling in love fast is not always the best idea.

However, Joe is funny, kind, strong and is the definition of the phrase “apply pressure” when pursuing a love interest.

Your sense of judgement might get clouded and this show might leave YOU with mixed emotions, but in a non offensive way.  w=We now understand the hype behind Ted Bundy.

So the next time YOU have some free time from…free time, get lost in Joe’s sauce, and justify his craziness like me.