Play It Loud

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Published on April 10, 2020

A reason to escape, a reason to get my energy up, a reason to take my frustrations out. Being in my house and sitting behind my drum-kit there’s no other place I’d rather be. Being inside with this self-isolation, there’s really no other place I could be. 

I’ve been a drummer for almost my whole life, having learned the guitar just a couple years ago. I record my own music, so that’s having to constantly repeat parts until you get it right. You ave to layer certain parts, and overall just be loud enough and clear enough during the recording process. The dilemma is when all this self isolation started, I knew that I would have to stop my drum/guitar playing because my mom was now working from home.

Me behind my kit playing it loud. Photo Courtesy of Louis Verderame.

Having song/rhythm ideas rush into my head and not having a place to put them is the most frustrating part about all of this. I rush to the basement, but then I remember I can’t play the drums, so then I go to my guitar and remember I can’t play that either…unless I have headphones on. Ask any musician, playing with headphones on is like…it’s like…it’s stupid. 

I finally just said “Mom, I’m going to play my music after 4:30” (when she is done with work.) She replied,“I’m surprised you haven’t been doing that all along,” which made me want to punch myself in my face. 

The escape into music is the craving that every musician lives for. To hear the beats and rhythms in your mind come out right before your eyes is inspiring.  To turn your levels, all levels, up to 11 and become part of the song is tremendous. To unplug from the world more so now then ever and play it loud, is an undeniable pleasure.