Too Much Time for Too Many Episodes

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Published on April 10, 2020

Shifting from not having time to do anything to having too much time to things has been quite an interesting shift. Before this transition, I had little to no time to do things that I enjoy, or things that make me happy. I was tired of taking care of so many obligations but never having the time to take care of myself. I guess if you complain about something enough, it actually goes away right? Now that I have nothing else but to do than stay inside these four walls, I finally have the chance to watch as many shows and movies whenever I want. Instead of sitting in traffic after the day, I can now hop from my desk unto my bed and switch on Netflix.

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I asked my best friend, “Hmm, now that I have the time what show can I actually binge watch?” She responded with, “Glee!”

 I instantly got excited when she mentioned singing. Two of my favorite things combined into one: watching tv and singing.

Not to mention, there are six seasons, and each season is filled with many episodes. This show is not only comforting to watch but also very inspiring. With almost every episode is a new plot/story that has a vital lesson attached to it.  

If you are looking for the perfect show to binge watch and enjoy at the same time, Glee is it!