COVID Doesn’t Have to Put Everything On Pause

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Published on April 28, 2020

While it may appear that the COVID-19 virus has brought everything to a screaming halt, HCC continues to attempt to hold business as usual. This includes the advising process as we approach the season to begin planning our next semester of classes. 

Randy Sanders, an Academic Advisor from the HCC Advising Office expressed excitement and faith in the current system of online advising in his interview with Housatonic Horizons. He made it clear that, while some faculty are making themselves available to advise students via WebEx, most advisors, at the minimum, have any voicemails you leave with the Advising Office forwarded directly to their email. 

Even though we can’t be together during quarantine, HCC staff is doing all they can to simulate a similar advising process during a normal semester. Photo Courtesy of travis_warren123 via Creative Commons.

Though his primary role is as an academic advisor, Sanders offered advice on how to succeed in class, as well. He says, “Instructors are as dedicated to all students as they are to students attending on site. Make sure to interact with your instructor early and often to make sure he or she understands your needs and is fully aware of how you are progressing through the course.” He also comments on final exams, which will be offered on a set schedule. Sanders’ advice includes recording the exam dates as soon as you know them so you don’t forget about any conflicts.

Sanders also maintains the importance of a strong and reliable Internet connection, in addition to keeping a consistent workspace. He stresses, “Online education is convenient. Even though you’ll complete your coursework from a distance, it can be helpful if you establish a space where you’ll do your work and stay consistent to avoid distractions.” 

Finally, Sanders hopes that students will ask questions. “We’re here to provide you with all the support and information you need. No matter what question you may have, whether it’s prior to enrolling or while you’re working through your course, we encourage you to be proactive about getting the answers you need. You are not alone!” Sanders graciously makes himself available to students Monday through Friday, 9-5 via his email at [email protected], or by his appointment calendar, linked here: Randy Sanders Appointment

Advising is an important part of education. Take the opportunity to reach out to people like Randy Sanders who make themselves readily available to students to, either, be helped immediately, or connected with someone who can help them. Even though advising can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. HCC staff is ready to assist you!