Becoming Active or Lazy in Quarantine?

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Published on May 1, 2020

How have you felt about this “social distancing” so far? I am sure you’re sitting down on the couch binge watching that new Netflix series, and eating away. Maybe even putting your recliner right next to the refrigerator waiting to eat again. Instead of doing that, why not get up on your feet and try a new workout, or go for a nice brisk walk around the block? It would be beneficial for you to keep yourself motivated, and develop that healthy ongoing lifestyle during quarantine time. 

For instance, I have taken up doing online TaeKwon-Do classes through Zoom. This is the best way to keep myself motivated with what I love to stay motivated, and not be lazy.  White Tiger TaeKwon-Do in Manchester, Connecticut has made a decision to do classes online, instructing each and every student with techniques, stretching, drills and even a little bit of cardio to get ourselves going.

Corona can kiss my black-belt behind! Photo provided by Gabriella Castorina

This is a great way for people to stay fit, motivated, and just be able to get with the program. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep up or have a habit of staying motivated. With this idea, not only myself but my peers, and other TaeKwon-Do members all agreed on the fact that this was a fantastic idea overall ever since the CoronaVirus reached Connecticut. Since the last time I was at the studio on March 1, I was afraid to go to class due to the fact that I was in contact with multiple students along with other instructors, and I was unaware if they had it or they did not have it. 

Monday through Thursday, all of us come together onto Zoom and get ready for class, or whomever is teaching, such as Kenneth Rattet, Marie Rattet, Seth Rattet, Alex Gozun, Matthew McCorry and other instructors, will provide the class with the lesson. As easy as it sounds, I feel it is the best way to stay in touch with the students and other instructors because we are all a family, and it is best to stay in contact and be there for one another as much as you possibly can. Doing this was able to help keep me going with what I enjoyed doing for almost eleven years.

If you are part of a gym or a yoga class, ask whoever is running the place if they can do a live class and do a lesson on “building stamina,” or “working that cardio!” Do something that will keep you going, and not make you sit down on the couch 24/7 because that is not good at all. Staying motivated is one of the main keys in life. Get up off that luxurious couch, jump into that workout outfit and start working out! If I can do online TaeKwon-Do classes four times a week for forty minutes and be active as possible, you can as well! All it takes is motivation and that’s what matters right now. No need to be a couch potato!