You Gave Me A New Perspective

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Published on May 5, 2020

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the most influential or inspiring educators I’ve come to know throughout my 15-year career in school. I’ve been fortunate to come to know a lot of great teachers, some of who helped me foster my passion for English and Politics, others who encouraged me to think in different ways about the world through philosophy and religion, all of whom have helped mold me into the adult I am today. 

However, when I think about the most recent teacher who has played a major role in my success, my mind goes directly to Professor Gill of the Criminal Justice Department here at HCC. She taught me in American Government, one of the first courses I ever took here. During that class, she made me aware of the CGA Internship program and encouraged me to apply when I expressed my interest to her. Not only did she motivate me to apply to the program, but she also acted as a huge help in the new and arduous process. 

Professor Gill, who had seen HCC students get accepted to this internship program before, was a great resource for me to go to when I had questions about my application. I asked her for advice on how to bolster my resume to feature skills that were most relevant to the job, and I even asked her to review my cover letter. With her busy schedule as a teacher and advisor to other students, she found time to make sure I was getting the help I needed, and to ensure that I felt listened to. 

Thanks to the outstanding teaching staff at HCC, I developed the courage to apply for an internship in my chosen field and got accepted! Photo Courtesy of Chrissy Getts

Professor Gill also agreed to write me a letter of recommendation to the program director. Although she had only seen me as a student for one class, Professor Gill really noticed my work ethic and dedication to both my education and success. She was so enthusiastic about helping me, and it made me feel, as a student, that I was more than just someone in her class. I am confident that Professor Gill’s letter played a huge part in why I was accepted into the program. 

Something I’ve struggled with in my past years as a college student is not standing out. I’ve never felt like a teacher really took notice of me or wanted to challenge me to succeed. When I started taking classes at HCC, I expected more of the same, and I am so grateful to report that my outlook has been completely changed as a result of my experiences with the teachers here. Thank you to all my teachers at HCC, especially Professor Gill, for nurturing my intelligence and my passions, which has proven to help me succeed as a student and as a woman in the working world.