And We’re Bacccckkkk (On this Web Site!)

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Published on April 3, 2023

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The staff has been working hard on keeping the magazine going and on its regular publication schedule, even through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when we had to transition suddenly to producing, publishing, and promoting the magazine remotely, which continued for more than a year after March 2020’s quick pivot to online learning for the college.

As a result, we took a break from publishing online on our web site, and focused on the magazine, which you can also view online via Issuu (  This “flippable” format you can page through preserves the careful design work of  our graphic design students, just as they intended for it to be seen.  Note that the online version of the magazine is also interactive, allowing you to easily navigate to campus resources and other information mentioned in the articles. (And for those who prefer to read a physical magazine, you can still find copies on campus, too!)


With this week, we return to publishing some web-exclusive content on this web site, which will begin with a special series of articles inspired by the recent art exhibit that features faculty from across our 12 community colleges.  Watch for more articles later this semester, too!

Prof. Steve Mark

Advisor to Horizons