Into the Dark

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Published on April 3, 2023

Irene Bednarczyk, Daydream I (Photo by the author)

A shy, dormant boy holds nothing but a yearning and a glass of punch in his hand. Ivory stands to the corner of the dance hall, passively observing the people around him having fun. He awaits for his own prinice charming to approach him and sweep him off his feet. His attention is kept on the grip of his glass, hoping for an onlooker to approach him and investigate this mysterious aura. But there is no mystery. No attention. The noise of the blaring music drowns out while the lights flash and people party. Looking at his full glass of punch, he realizes this feeling. He is alone.

Joining a group, Ivory attempts a conversation with two students. They talk about video games, music, and other things he cannot relate or contribute to. Miller, a close friend of Ivory in the group, lights up in the conversation like he has never done before. At least, not with him. Ivory takes his fifth sip of punch within a single minute before excusing himself to the bathroom.

In the stall, the lights are automatic. After being motionless for some time it goes pitch dark. He sits there, paying no mind, and lets the darkness rain over him.

“Only a matter of time,” he thinks, and crosses his arms.