My Other Half

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Published on April 3, 2023

Rough Land by Gus Moran (oil on glass). Photographed by the author.

Look at her standing so dark and bold. Her reflection has dated my scenery, overpowering my inner light. She taunts me with her sassiness. She colors outside the lines, seeking to be noticed first, flaunting her imperfections, daring you to question her reasons for causing this melting effect, as if she’s saved us from the flames she ignited.

Trying to fog my existence, wishing I’d fade away with each shade of her emotions spilling over, she’s determined to be the only one spoken of by our audience, using confidence as her weapon of destruction. Wondering how I can sit so still, in the midst of her Oscar-winning performance.

I sit with grace. Humble like my strokes of yellow, grateful for whatever space the universe has granted, filled with red flags inside, warning her to stay on her side, and not take for weakness my shyness. I want to be discovered. Those best moments of someone taking a deeper look in, because for them a first impression is not where the story ends…