The Glare

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Published on April 3, 2023

Glare by Tom Brenner (Photographed by the author)

When walking into the Burt Chernow Gallery of Art, I was met with unsettling eyes, not knowing where they are coming from. I felt a cold glare upon me, which made me wonder where it was coming from, causing me to look around the room. Then there it was.

I saw the coldest glare with the frost blue eyes of Tom Brenner. I felt the glare calling to me as if he was speaking to me through my AirPods. Everything about the photo was cold cut, from the lines to the facial expression. It felt as if I was getting a cold stare from my parents after doing something wrong.

The brown sandpaper background caused the line work to look even better. The hair texture was the same with every hair follicle, blending well from the ear to the chin. The hoodie cut off on the bottom, not showing the body, causing the main focus to be on the gaze. The cold stare of the eyes also brought the blending of red in the nose like Rudolph. The wrinkles on his face blended in perfectly, showing his age range is getting up there.

The strings on the hoodie cut off right at the bottom of his body shaping it like a diamond, causing the hoodie-to-face ratio to become bigger and bigger, focusing on the heavy gaze.