True Definition of a Reader

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Published on May 12, 2023

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in Professor Carley’s English 102 course that I truly discovered my passion for reading. English was one of the subjects that I found the simplest to learn throughout high school. However, shockingly, I was not a big reader during my time in high school. How is it that even though English is my favorite subject, I didn’t like reading?

Funny enough, I don’t remember reading any classics in high school. I guess the curriculum didn’t include it. Although Professor Carley loved mentioning  frequently during the semester that Hemingway was her “boyfriend,” before I took her class, I had never heard of Hemingway.

When I did read books, I never took the time to sit in it. I didn’t ponder on the words written on the page, I just continued. I learned from Professor Carley to pay more attention to the words I am reading since, if they are on the page, they must have some significance.

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I have learned the meaning of symbolism. Why did the author say he gave her a red rose? What does the color red stand for?  You then consider what to present your loved ones on significant occasions—red roses, of course, to signify your constant love. Why was a raven utilized by Edgar Allan Poe? because ravens are considered to be symbols of death or gloom.

I adore reading books now. One day, I hope to have my own little library. I read an array of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, young adult, and adult.

Some of my favorite authors are Taylor Jenkins Reid, Emily Henry, and now her “boyfriend” Hemingway. I’ve learned how to read between the lines thanks to Professor Carley, who has also helped me improve as a writer and an English scholar. Without her, I wouldn’t have the confidence in my writing that I have today.