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One Bright Thing

Posted on 08 May 2020 by , , , , , , , , , , and

Introduction By Professor Steve Mark, Advisor to Horizons   In this article in April,  The New York Times posed an important question to some of its long-time reporters:  In these dark days, what’s one bright thing?    For this assignment, I posed the same question to Horizons staff.   What is “one bright thing” for you during these sometimes […] Continue Reading…

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Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Posted on 04 May 2020 by

Dear Professor Geoffery, Your reputation suits you, and I hope you don’t take that in a bad way.  Embed from Getty Images I have known you since Fall of 2018, and first impressions are always the best. You weren’t my professor then, but you had come into my Voice and Diction class to oversee our […] Continue Reading…

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For All Faculty, Students Anywhere

Posted on 28 April 2020 by

It’s that time of year again: applying for financial aid for the upcoming school year. I know what you’re thinking: how can I apply for FAFSA during this pandemic? The Financial Aid team is conducting ways on how to assist students who are having issues completing their forms. Last year, they made it easier by […] Continue Reading…

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It’ll Make Sense Eventually

Posted on 10 April 2020 by

You’ve thought about it, haven’t YOU? Wondered if your neighbor, or teacher, or best friend had a secret life.  They probably do. However, how they live their secret life is the real question.  During this self-isolation period, I’ve gotten the chance to browse through my Netflix and find a watch-worthy show. Now, granted, it takes […] Continue Reading…

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Acceleration Cov101

Posted on 03 April 2020 by

Do you know what’s worse than a breakup? Taking online classes. Now, don’t get me wrong.  For most students, online classes are ideal; but if you are someone like me, this adjustment can become overwhelming. I don’t have to take online classes to know that they aren’t meant for me. I like to learn in […] Continue Reading…