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Blue Glass a Window into New Welcome Center

Posted on 14 September 2017 by

Things in Lafayette Hall have grown quite a bit since last semester. With the expansion over the summer, some offices and classrooms have found a new home. One of the relocations is the Financial Aid office. Instead of the dark hallway leading to a small cramped office in a corner, the office is now in […] Continue Reading…

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This May Thornes Get to Blossom

Posted on 01 April 2016 by

In a quiet corner of the Beacon Hall lounge, Linda J. Thorne, 49, is halfway through a cold cut combo and three quarters of the way through her Accounting II homework. For Ms. Thorne, most breaks, even three-hour ones between classes, are spent multi-tasking. She’s learned to juggle, not bowling pins or flaming torches, but […] Continue Reading…

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HCC – $1.4 Million = Hard Choices, Widespread Impacts

Posted on 22 October 2015 by

I’m sitting in B-120, the tutoring center in Lafayette Hall. I have an exam in my math class in two days, and my comprehension of some of the material that will appear on it is weak and worrisome. I’ve come here to seek the aid of a tutor, but I quickly come to realize that […] Continue Reading…