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Housatonic Presents: Book Exchange

Posted on 02 October 2015 by

Good news students! Do you like money? Because I like money, especially saving money. This semester HCC has started a new program that greatly benefits you, and your wallet. This new program is called Book Exchange. Where do you find this new program? Log in to the HCC website, www.housatonic.edu, select Campus Resources, and click […] Continue Reading…

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Keep Your Pockets Full and Ready for the Summer

Posted on 17 May 2015 by

It’s almost summer. The best time of the year is around the corner, and you need to be ready for it. One thing that is very helpful is to know is how to properly save and store your money. We are all going to need our money for the summer, so here are four good […] Continue Reading…

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Dealing with Job Loss

Posted on 21 April 2015 by

“Debbie? Jamie? Can you come here?” called my father. Jamie, my little sister, and I ran across the cold hardwood floor. Our dog, Kane, followed us, leaving a trail of his slobber behind. We run down the stairs to find our mother and father sitting down on the clean white couch. The lights were dimmed, […] Continue Reading…

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Free Money Giveaway?

Posted on 04 November 2014 by

College students love money; in fact everybody loves money. One of the most easiest ways for students to receive money is receiving a Federal Student Aid refund check from their college. One of the most exciting days for college students is when their leftover money from their financial aid is deposited into their bank account, or […] Continue Reading…