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Be a Cake God with 7-Up Cake

Posted on 06 December 2016 by

Finals are coming and grades will be dropping. People are more stressed now than they have ever been before. There has to be something that can take this frustration away. How about 7-Up Cake? Yes, you use the actually 7-Up soda. Are you interested now? Well, here you go: Ingredients: ¾ lb butter (softened) 3 […] Continue Reading…

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Fantastically Fall Cranberry-Pecan Farro

Posted on 21 October 2015 by

The New England landscape is a beauty to behold this time of the year. The leaves are turning brown, gold, and orange, and thoughts of grinning jack-o-lanterns, buckets of colorful wrapped candies. Thanksgiving dinners roasting away in an oven begin to come to mind more frequently. The foods of fall deserve as much fanfare as […] Continue Reading…

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Quick Healthy Meals

Posted on 14 May 2015 by

Today, many people are busier than they have ever been, with more hours at work, more class credits, more responsibilities, and more pressure. Having more to do means having less time to take care of one’s self and one’s own personal needs. Many people tend to get fast food because they don’t  have the time […] Continue Reading…

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How You Can (and Will!) Have Fun This Winter

Posted on 16 December 2014 by

Let’s face it, 2014 has kind of been a long year. With all the stressful group projects and petty drama between friends, we definitely deserve to enjoy ourselves. Here’s a foolproof list of different activities that help keep boredom at arm’s length. Eat something that will warm you up and make your stomach merry. Plus […] Continue Reading…

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No Turkey, No Problem: A Vegetarian’s Take on Thanksgiving

Posted on 24 November 2014 by

Chances are you’ve been there. The lone vegetarian picking at the side dishes, filling your plate up with the fringe offerings and brushing off comments from well-meaning (or particularly cantankerous) relatives and guests. Or worse, you’re faced with the unappetizing brown glob that’s otherwise known as Tofurkey. Choking down a slice with all eyes on […] Continue Reading…