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One Book, One College, One Event After Another

Posted on 12 April 2016 by

Amidst a constant slideshow of quotes from the top of Laura McBride’s web page, one in particular stands out. It materializes, shines brightly, then evaporates every twenty seconds. “Can’t wait for Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, CT.” If HCC is a family, then Laura McBride is an out of state cousin. The community college professor from […] Continue Reading…

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Afoot in HCC : Author Eric Lehman Visits

Posted on 05 December 2014 by

“Historians record, memoirists remember, novelists create.”  As this slogan floated up on the wall in  a sprawling mess of handwritten letters, author Eric Lehman pumped a fist into the air and shouted “Rock on, we create man!”  Then he leaned over the projector and slashed a huge black X across the statement. “Now I’m going […] Continue Reading…