What HCC has Offered Me and How I Pay it Forward

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Published on November 9, 2015

In my eyes Housatonic is such a nice, quiet, friendly school. It won’t be easy for me to stop going when this semester comes to a close. I have taken all kinds of classes at Housatonic for seven years now. After graduating high school, I took a year off and got an apartment with a friend and a stranger in New Haven.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget the raccoon that lived in the attic. I’m not kidding. After dealing with a terrible landlord, the aforementioned racoon, and an expired lease, I got out of there. The one year lease hadn’t even been up yet before I was registered for school.

Even though that first semester didn’t quite work out, I was itching to get back into a classroom. In 2009 I started full-time in-classroom courses. I have taken, ceramics, biologies, film study, business, all of the English courses, and almost all the Spanish as well. Economics, math classes, and even public speaking which surprised me because it was such an effective class, and Professor Trelease is such a great teacher.


There are seven years between these two photos. Some changes are evident and others are beneath the surface. Photos taken by Haley J. Orellana (left) and Lenin Rhea Salguero (right)

I have taken all kinds of classes. And now, in my final semester at Housatonic Community College, I return seven years later, going from Publications 1 to Publications 2. I come back a little wiser and have the help of upgraded technology as I take this course online.

I ask the important questions now. What good (or bad) has my attendance at Housatonic Community College done? Finally after seven years, I can answer this easily. I live in Bridgeport now. I work in Bridgeport now. I use public transportation in Bridgeport all the time. I used financial aid to help pay for my education at Housatonic. I paid a lot of money out of my own pocket too, and had help from my friends.

HCC welcomed me and empowered this human being to become a tax-paying, hard-working, contributing asset to this country. I met my husband at Housatonic. I have eaten at Theodoras SO many times because the food is delicious. The people at Housatonic are so helpful…and I haven’t quite yet mastered my issue with deadlines. What am I going to write this story about?

Since I am leaving with a somewhat versatile experience that I have really taken the time to enjoy and I will never have to take any of the core classes again no matter where I go to school next, I have a content, confidence, trust and freedom in what decisions I make next; a tranquil peace. I have a step to step on as I keep going through life; a step ahead. We have to persist to ensure the future. If we don’t get there neither will the future. Housatonic Community College keeps the future coming.

One of these semesters will be your last too. I both remind you and wish you all the best in giving back to HCC what HCC has given to you.