Hulu Gets Sunny

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Published on December 8, 2018

What better way to fill in free time from studying than finding a new show to stream on a service such as Netflix or Hulu? Finals week is wrapping up almost as quickly as it arrived. As we’re submitting our last papers and taking those end-of-the-semester exams, we are looking to relax and reap those rewards after months of hard work.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an FX Network series consisting of about ten 20-minute episodes per season. It’s not “new.” However, the 13th season just finished up earlier in November, leaving all of December and so on to start watching it and see what you’ve previously been missing out on. This TV sitcom makes itself stand out from the rest with just the right amount of dark humor. Unlike the nature of other popular sitcoms like Friends, where the main characters are protagonists, It’s Always Sunny’s main characters are antagonists.

Photo courtesy of FX

Created by and starring Rob McElhenney, IASIP is centered around a group of friends who own a bar and get themselves into numerous  dilemmas with customers, friends, and even family members. McElhenney uniquely makes the show more addicting to watch as we expect someone to mess up epicly every time. Instead of the characters learning from their mistakes and moving forward over time, we see them setting themselves back and growing more destructive.

I’m a fan and have seen just about every episode more than once. At the end of each season I’m always left asking myself what the gang is getting up to next.  Hulu currently has seasons 1-12 available and ready for your viewing!