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Composition Intuition: A Look Inside Graphic Design

Posted on 11 December 2015 by

The process of combining colorful graphics and text into captivating advertisements is a method that requires a lot of patience and skill. Graphic Design Club welcomes anyone who wants to master the art of these visual concepts with open arms. Kat Travis is the president of Graphic Design Club. “As you’ll see, Kat is great!” […] Continue Reading…

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Humans of Housatonic #15: “I’d Like to Make Art That Changes the Way People Feel”

Posted on 11 May 2015 by

“I’d like to be able to make art that changes the way people feel or how they see things, or maybe they’re having a bad day and they see it, and it’s not so bad anymore” –Isaia Gonzalez, Graphic Design major More Humans of Housatonic here.  Learn about the Humans of Housatonic series here. 

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Student Produces New Cartoon Ideas

Posted on 27 March 2015 by

It is not every day that someone can turn on their television and create what they see on the screen. At the age of eight, sophomore Tyrone Falls began drawing his favorite cartoon characters in his sketchbook. This sparked his love for all things art. Falls purchased a top-of-the-line designer tablet, Wacom Cintig Companion, traditionally […] Continue Reading…