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Police for the Next Generation

Posted on 24 November 2015 by

It has never been easy to be a Police Officer, according to my father, who was a member of the Bridgeport Police Department for twenty-five years. The stress that anything that can happen will happen, fear of making the wrong decision or action, and just having almost everyone just plain hate you and love firemen […] Continue Reading…

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The Revolution Will Be Staged

Posted on 20 October 2015 by

“I want what we are doing to be a catalyst for change,” explains Jeorge Watson. co-founder of The Black Revolutionary Theater Workshop.  He then turns to his female friend and asks if she is okay with him continuing the interview. “I want people to look at the situation differently,” Watson adds, then quotes James Baldwin, […] Continue Reading…

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Press Release: HCC Presents Symposium on Race and America

Posted on 20 October 2015 by

The innovative use of theater performance as a springboard for InterACTion, a multi-activity symposium on Race and America will take place at Housatonic Community College on Tuesday, Oct. 20, Thurs. Oct. 22, and Friday, Oct. 23. Geoffrey Sheehan, HCC professor of Theater Arts says, “This critical exploration and discussion will consider the place of race […] Continue Reading…

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Theatre Presence

Posted on 06 October 2015 by

Geoffrey Sheehan is definitely a well-known  name around campus.  The thespian is coming into his seventeenth year teaching at Housatonic. The professor is a man of many classes; he teaches courses ranging from Shakespeare and Introduction to Theatre to English and Acting – a strong and passionate point we discussed was a point that many […] Continue Reading…