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IMAGES: Much More Than Just Pictures

Posted on 07 December 2016 by

It’s the work we love to do, not the work we have to do, that should have the brightest lights and eagerest eyes fixed upon it. Though it may be in the infant stage, it’s not too early for our creative students to get excited about the rebirth of IMAGES, HCC’s literary magazine. Professor of […] Continue Reading…

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One Book, One College, One Event After Another

Posted on 12 April 2016 by

Amidst a constant slideshow of quotes from the top of Laura McBride’s web page, one in particular stands out. It materializes, shines brightly, then evaporates every twenty seconds. “Can’t wait for Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, CT.” If HCC is a family, then Laura McBride is an out of state cousin. The community college professor from […] Continue Reading…

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A Cure for Blank Page Blues and First Draft Fuddles

Posted on 24 November 2015 by

HCC’s Writing Across the Curriculum Center welcomes all students to come for one-on-one tutoring appointments for help with any writing task. Literary analyses, APA research papers, arrest reports, internship application essays…tutors are happy to assist on practically anything with words. Beyond the center’s Lafayette locale lies its Beacon Hall annex in the second floor lounge, […] Continue Reading…

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Don’t Panic, Just Write!

Posted on 06 May 2015 by

It doesn’t matter what university it is, or what type of major you pursue, one of the non-negotiable job descriptions of a student is being a writer.  The usual suspects are introductory English composition, history, and sometimes even psychology or sociology courses. For some students, writing those required papers hurls them into one of those […] Continue Reading…

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7 Steps to Writing your Paper on a Tight Deadline

Posted on 07 December 2014 by

By this time of the semester, there’s a 99% chance that you’ve Googled “How to stop procrastinating” about a million times. Of course you’ll never really implement those strategies, not in the near future anyway. Oh, and remember that eight-page paper from the beginning of the semester? It’s due tomorrow! This has happened to everyone […] Continue Reading…

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Afoot in HCC : Author Eric Lehman Visits

Posted on 05 December 2014 by

“Historians record, memoirists remember, novelists create.”  As this slogan floated up on the wall in  a sprawling mess of handwritten letters, author Eric Lehman pumped a fist into the air and shouted “Rock on, we create man!”  Then he leaned over the projector and slashed a huge black X across the statement. “Now I’m going […] Continue Reading…

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A Novel in Four Days

Posted on 24 November 2014 by

How long does it take to write a novel? Every November people try to write one in a month. It’s called National Novel Writing Month, and the goal is to write 50000 words. It’s a simple idea and daunting at the same time. There are all sorts of tips and tricks but the mostly boil […] Continue Reading…

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Upstart Writers

Posted on 07 November 2014 by

Writing is more than just a means for a student to answer test questions or recording an observation. Writing provides a medium for one’s creative energy, aids in expression to get a point across, and allows the writer a chance to record and display what the imagination can conceive (among other things.) Countless authors have […] Continue Reading…