Imagining the Stories Behind the Art in the Faculty Exhibit

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Published on April 3, 2023

Horizons staff was assigned to visit and carefully explore “Gestalt: An Invitational Exhibition of Regional Art Faculty” in the Chernow Gallery of the Housatonic Museum of Art, which features art work by faculty from all twelve campuses of Connecticut State Community College (CT State).

Peter Bonadies, Cityscape is Sienna, Facade Memories, Intaglio Print (Image Courtesy of HMA)

Based that visit, writers each wrote one story inspired by one work of art in the faculty exhibit, imagining what what was happening in this work of art, reflecting on an experience of their own it might bring to mind, or imagining how we got to the moment the work of art depicts.  In this special section are a selection of those stories.  You can follow the links below to read individual stories or read them all at

These stories may be true or a work of fiction and/or speculation.  In any case, we hope they will spark your imagination in some way, and encourage you to visit this exhibit, which runs through April 13, or another and discover your own stories.

Professor Steve Mark, Advisor to Horizons

The Stories:

  1. “Girlhood” by Salene Herrera
  2. “Into the Dark” by Luis Leon, Jr.
  3. “My Other Half” by Beatriz Velez
  4. “Sludge Apocalypse” by Larry Ferguson, Jr.
  5. “The Glare” by Gilberto Villegas III
  6. “Do You See What I See?” by Guillermo Hernandez