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HCC’s One Book One College Crosses Paths with Author Sergio Troncoso

Posted on 10 April 2017 by

From page one to the final sentence of any piece of literature, a theme is present. One or many themes in a text can be hidden or obvious, but they are always there, laid out by the author to convey a meaning or belief, an underlying message or even purpose for the story. The themes […] Continue Reading…

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Semester Kicks Off with Motivational Monday

Posted on 03 February 2017 by

New year, new motivation; the Student Senate has brought the HCC population a brand new way to fight the lack of motivation that comes with the new semester. Motivational Monday is a new program that utilizes visual stimulation and creativity to ease the mind and motivate students to do their best to meet their goals. […] Continue Reading…

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From Humble to Harvard, From El Paso to HCC

Posted on 12 December 2016 by

Whether you’re lifting knee to chin to reach the peak of a mountain, or digging your heels into the downgrade of the other side to keep from tumbling, every inch forward is measured and counted. For Sergio Troncoso, each step of his unlikely journey is recounted in heartbreaking fashion in his collection of 16 essays, […] Continue Reading…

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Stand In Unity: HCC’s Safe Space For the LGBT Community

Posted on 11 December 2016 by

It hasn’t been the best year for whichever letter people may fall under when it comes to the LGBT community. Sure, there’s been more exposure to those who tell similar stories in the media and in real life. But with the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, as well as the campaigns to have what little […] Continue Reading…

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This Isn’t Your Parent’s Gospel Story

Posted on 16 May 2016 by

Music filled the Performing  Arts Center while the audience sat on both sides of a set that resembled both a courtroom and a “dream.” Before the performance of the HCC student production of Stephen Adly Guirgis’s The Last Days of Judas Iscariot no one in the audience seemed to know what to expect. The fate […] Continue Reading…

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Can HCC Take a Joke?

Posted on 16 May 2016 by

On Monday May 9 in Beacon Hall, Housatonic offered a viewing of the documentary, “Can We Take a Joke?,” a film analyzing and pinpointing the idea and question of whether or not people can really take a joke. We have seen many instances where a comedian stomps on sensitive territory. Anything from race, to sexuality, […] Continue Reading…

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HCC Hosts Student Appreciation Day

Posted on 16 May 2016 by

This is the time of year everybody is on edge because everybody is trying to get in final assignments and cram for exams. But on Monday May 9th, students got a little break from all of the chaos and celebrated Student Appreciation Day. Two pizza trucks were parked out in the grassy area of the […] Continue Reading…

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One Book, One College, One Event After Another

Posted on 12 April 2016 by

Amidst a constant slideshow of quotes from the top of Laura McBride’s web page, one in particular stands out. It materializes, shines brightly, then evaporates every twenty seconds. “Can’t wait for Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, CT.” If HCC is a family, then Laura McBride is an out of state cousin. The community college professor from […] Continue Reading…

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HCC Day of Service

Posted on 11 April 2016 by

On Friday, April 1, HCC volunteers helped welcome over a thousand Bridgeport youth into Webster Bank Arena for the city’s first youth summit event. “We love you and we believe in you,” Rina Bakalar told the middle and high school students. She was lead consultant for the event’s planning committee with United Way of Coastal […] Continue Reading…

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A Show Worth Seeing

Posted on 05 April 2016 by

The Performing Arts Club showcases the talent of Housatonic students in shows every month and it is something worth checking out. The most recent show took place on March 8, with the next happening on April 12. Aspiring actors, students just having a good time, and even writers all come together to make these shows […] Continue Reading…