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Published on December 8, 2014


This time of the semester can be particularly stressful for students.   You have major projects due, final exams looming, and holiday preparations and shopping to contend with, as well as your usual work and family obligations.  Some of you are juggling parenting, marriages, or relationships with your school life as well.

In our special #worksforme section, members of the Horizons staff draw on their experience to give you  specific, helpful advice for this time of year.

Why Running Away Works : “We hopped on a random bus and ended up at Silver Sands Beach and spent the day on our own little mini adventure.” Find out what else Desiree did when she ran away and why she continues to do it.

Moving Out? Are You SURE You’re Ready to Leave the Nest? : Educate yourself on the reality of living on your own before making the big move.

“I Have a Life!” : Instead of complaining about having a busy life, try finding a balance and you’ll be much happier with the many things you currently have going on.

Time Flies When You Feel Grounded :  “Being able to manage your time is a very challenging task we all struggle with, but can be improved once you put the time and effort into changing your habits.”

Oh No! What To Get? : Jocelyn gives a few tips for picking out a great gift for a loved one!

Handmade Gifts and the Best Kind of Gifts : Don’t have enough money to go around this Christmas? Don’t sweat it! Brenna gives some really great ideas for handmade gifts that your friends and family will love!

The Price Tag on Friendship : “It’s about using a different currency, one that doesn’t come in papery green stacks or jangles in your pockets.” Read more about DIY gifts!

Preparing for Final Exams: What to Expect : Finals week is upon us! Read on to find out how you can prepare yourself for this grueling week.

End of The World? Darn These Finals : “You have to prioritize your time and commitment. Ask yourself what you want out of life and how you’re going to get there.”

7 Steps to Writing your Paper on a Tight Deadline : Freaking out over a paper that’s due this week? Jena breaks down the process of writing a paper into seven easy steps!

Coping with End of Semester Stress : Are you drowning under 101 things that need to be done this week? Take a deep breath and few minutes to read about how you can get organized and ready to tackle everything on your to-do list.

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